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© Sam Cowan 2014

© Sam Cowan 2014

Benefits of corporate yoga

Stress busting

The psychological benefits of yoga lead to a calmer, more productive staff. Yoga is a clinically-proven stress buster.

One hour of workplace yoga a week decreased stress levels in employees by a third. (Duke University School of Medicine)


Yoga 'indeed relieve[s] stress and improve[s] work performance'. (University of Massachusetts Medical Centre)

The physical benefits of yoga alleviate the muscular aches and pains that build up in sedentary life - helping to cut down tension headaches and back pain.

Reduces headaches and back pain

Less sick days

The physiological benefits of yoga lead to improved immune function - and subsequently less sick days.

Boosts concentration and creativity

Yogic breathing increases oxygen supply to the brain - boosting productivity, concentration, creativity and alertness.


Yoga with Sam is a London-based business, serving the City, Docklands, zones 1 and 2, NE London and Epping Forest Council.

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© Sam Cowan 2014